The Next Level of The Nerdy Parent

Dear Nerdy Parents!

I really love parenting and helping other parents.  I hope that I’ve done that through the newsletter over the last few years. This has primarily been a side project that I cram into my day job and raising my 4 kids, but my dream is to do this type of thing even more and even better!

To that end, I’m transitioning this newsletter into something new, bigger, better, and even more awesome that will help parents really focus on prioritizing time with their kids, having more fun, and becoming even better teachers.

Going forward you will definitely still hear from me, but it may not be in the same format or style as the newsletter you've been receiving since joining The Nerdy Parent.  Keep an eye out for more info over the next couple weeks about this!

I think back a few years to when I worked a typical 9-5 and even though my hours weren’t crazy or anything I really felt like I was missing so much of my kids’ childhood. Once you factor in commute times, the time needed to de-stress, the expectation to work after hours, and the mere fact that bedtime is only an hour or two after getting home from work (and most of this time was just putting them to bed anyway), I ended up realizing that I was missing so much of my kids’ lives!

Through various career and mindset shifts, I’ve been able to really increase the time I spend with my kids and how much I’m able to share with them and teach them (as you’ve likely seen through The Nerdy Parent posts over the last couple of years). Even just in the last week or two, it feels like I’ve reached a new level of parenting with the kids being home for the extended holiday and this week (due to Omicron)

I’m on a mission to help other parents consider new ways to increase and improve their time with their kids. The time we have with them goes by so fast (already for a couple of years my 9 and 10 year olds have been spending more and more time with their friends and their own activities), and I don’t want any parent to look back from old age and think, “I wish I had taken that opportunity to be with my kids more when they had the time and inclination to be with me and learn from me!”

...and I need your help! I need your expertise and insight as a nerdy parent to help me mold and form this new program.

Please email me letting me know how you feel about this.  What is your most significant parenting struggle?  How do you wish you could improve as a parent?

Keep it nerdy!

The Nerdy Parent

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